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Apprentice Learning, an educational organization that gives middle school students the opportunity to develop near and long-term goals, build practical skills and self-confidence, and imagine future career possibilities. Apprentice Learning works with emerging adolescents to build practical intelligence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that will help them gain an understanding of the components of a successful work life. This knowledge will improve students’ employability, advance their academic interests, and support their transition to high school, as well as towards a higher education pathway.

Middle school is not too early to begin developing a wider knowledge of careers and building positive work habits. Apprentice Learning gives students from all backgrounds and academic skill levels, the chance to explore the world of work and practice these skills in the adult world.

The goals of Apprentice Learning are:

  • To inspire middle school students in urban public schools in Boston to reach into the future by engaging in the wider community for near-term preparation essential to success.
  • To give middle school students a head start on choosing a career path by strengthening their self-confidence, identifying individual strengths, and advancing maturity.
  • To give apprentice students authentic opportunities to learn good habits of work, gain a better understanding of what it takes to succeed, and learn how to measure success in one’s chosen field.
  • To develop interviewing and self-presentation skills so that students can successfully obtain jobs that are more competitive and better paying while in high school.

To learn more about the program, please visit our website: http://apprenticelearning.org

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