Health Services

Student Health Records
All students should have an updated physical exam and immunization record on file in the Health Office. Boston Public Schools require that these records be updated annually. Please help us keep these records up-to-date. When your child goes for an annual physical exam, please ask the doctor for a copy for the school. If you send the original, we will make a copy and return the original to you. It is important that a child be medically cleared by a health provider before participating in school sports. Failure to meet the required standards for immunization, without a waiver, could result in a child being excluded from school. Please contact your child’s pediatrician immediately if your child does not have these records at school. Contact the school nurse if you are not sure if these records are up-to-date.

Emergency Card
Please make sure that your child’s insurance, doctor, allergies and all other medical issues are clearly indicated on the emergency card and updated as to the phone numbers and address.

Procedures for Medications including Asthma
If a child needs to take medication during the school day, please send specific instructions from your child’s doctor. Any prescribed medications that need to administered during school hours must be administered by the school nurse, accompanied by a written parental consent and a doctor’s order. Medication must be in the Rx container given by the pharmacy (pharmacists can divide medicine into two labeled containers). You can ask your doctor to fax the order to the Union School, Attention: School Nurse,  FAX # 617-635-6982.

Any student who suffers from asthma and needs to take medication to control it during the school day must have an inhaler and/or nebulizer (with medication) in the health office. Please ask your child’s doctor for a rescue inhaler to keep in school and have the doctor issue an order or an Asthma Action Plan to the school for the child to use it. Usually insurance, including MassHealth, will cover the dispensing of two rescue inhalers and two spacers so that one of each can be stored at school and home.

Injuries or Medical Emergencies During School
If a student is significantly hurt or injured during the school day, a letter will be sent home describing the nature of the accident and the care your child received. In the event of a serious injury or other medical emergency, you or other emergency contacts will be called immediately.  After evaluation, your child will be transported via ambulance to a hospital accompanied by a staff member. We will keep trying to reach you and a qualified staff member will remain with your child at the hospital until you arrive. Please make sure that the main office has current contact names and phone numbers, because an emergency room may choose not to treat until a parent or guardian arrives.

Illness or Injuries at Home
Please do not send your child to school if he or she has had a fever of 100 degrees or more within the previous 24 hours, or vomiting, or if your know he or she has a contagious or infectious illness (examples: diarrhea, conjunctivitis, chicken pox) and has not yet seen a doctor. In such cases the nurse is required to send your child home. If your child has been ill or injured and has been seen in an emergency room, a clinic or by any health provider, including a dentist, please send a note from the doctor to the School Nurse explaining the condition and any necessary medication or accommodations that might need to be provided at school. For example, in some cases, for medical reasons, a child may need to be excused from physical activity or recess for a period of time.

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