Family Council Fundraising

Our school does amazing things with its existing budget but it just isn’t enough. The Family Council supports programs and resources of our school by securing funds beyond those provided by the Boston Public School system. With your continued commitment we hope to further our school’s mission and the academic and cultural growth of our children. Everyone can participate in fundraising for our school, here’s how.

There are a few ways in which you can help us raise funds for our school:

Annual Appeal

Every year the School and the Family Council reach out to the entire school—teachers, faculty, governing board, families, union leaders, and supporters—with our BTU School Annual Appeal. Our school thrives because we have developed meaningful partnerships, and this appeal allows us to reach out to our extended community for financial support. The appeal takes place in December but donations can be made at any time of the year and are tax-deductible. To make a gift to the 2011-2012 Annual Appeal please make checks out to the BTU School and mail to BTU School, 25 Walk Hill Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 or by credit or debit card by clicking on the donate button to the right.

Everyday Giving

Box Top “The Sky’s the Limit with Box Tops for Education” Campaign
Collect General Mills box tops and place them in the collection box inside the main office. Children may also bring them to their class, the winning classroom may win a pizza party. Sign up at to receive coupons and see the current funds raised through this effort. You can also earn eBoxTops for the school by shopping at online retailers through their site.

A+ School Rewards for Education with Stop & Shop cardEarn money for our school by simply using your card when you shop. All you have to do is register your card and enter our school ID: #09405.

Sale Fundraisers

Equal Exchange – “organic and fairly traded foods, beautiful fairly traded gifts and recycled cotton gift wrap.” Conducted during the month of November.

Kids Kreations – “transforming original works of art into personalized gifts and keepsakes that families will treasure for a lifetime!” Conducted during the month of March.


Spring Signature Event – A fun evening for our school and all of our extended community to come together in support of the BTU School. This adult focused event is a celebration and a silent auction all in one. This event takes place in April.

Wake Up The Earth Craft Booth – Every year we try to offer a craft booth at this exciting Jamaica Plain Festival. Two years ago, we offered face painting and Tie-dye t-shirts and it was a huge success. This event takes place in May.

Raffles – This is a fun, lighthearted way to raise money from within our community and everyone can participate. Tickets are always $1 but the prizes keep everyone coming back. These raffles happen throughout the year on an ongoing basis.


The Family council applies for grants for our school on an ongoing basis. We are always in need of grant writers and grant opportunities.


Get involved. Make a difference. Share your time and talents.

In-Kind Donations

The Family Council is frequently looking for partners to donate goods and services for our raffles and auctions.

Grassroots Fundraising Process

Grassroots Fundraising is the responsibility of the Family Council. Grassroots Fundraising occurs through a series of activities:

  • In-School Fundraisers
  • Annual Appeal
  • Small-Scale Grants
  • and a Spring Signature Event

These activities are managed and executed by the Family Council with the help of the School and Governing Board. All net profits will be collected by the Family Council and distributed to the school two times per year:

  1. After the Annual Appeal in the winter and
  2. At the end of the school year.

Disbursals will be made after the Co-Lead Teachers present funding priorities that take into account Grassroots Fundraising funds available. All funds raised through Grassroots Fundraising, except for the Family Council’s modest operating budget, will go to the school in the form of a check from the Family Council account two times per year as discussed above.

Family Council operating expenses include the cost of items such as

  • Family Outreach
  • Signature Event
  • Annual lunch to honor our teachers, Secretaries Day gifts,etc..
  • Babysitting and Pizza for family council meetings
  • prizes purchased as raffle or incentive items.

While the School and the Family Council both participate in discussing funding needs and desires, it is the School’s Co-Lead teachers that will determine the priorities and what will be funded. It is preferred that the priorities be tangible items that can be seen or felt by the many families who contribute so that a culture of investing in our community continues to take place.

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