Dimock Partnership

The Dimock Behavioral Health Center’s School Based Services Program has a partnership with the Boston Teacher’s Union School to provide highly competent and confidential individual therapy to students at the school.  Dimock will respond to the request of a parent to see their child, if clinically indicated, at our Community Based Health Center. Dimock also provides family therapy, weekly case consultation with identified teacher’s and other school personnel that is evolved in supporting the success for each individual student. Dimock School Based Services Program also has a child psychiatrist from Children’s Hospital that provides additional evaluations and psychopharmacology if needed.   At the request of the parents, Dimock staff will attend IEP meetings in an effort to support identified students.  Dimock also provide crisis intervention and support for individual students receiving individual counseling services within BTU and crisis intervention to the general school population if needed.  While providing individual therapy to students at BTU, Dimock has the capacity to continue to see students in therapy throughout the entire year, including the summer months to insure continuity of care for each child/family.   Dimock School Based Services Program also provides assistance in developing systems and protocols that can sustain the infrastructure to support the school service delivery model.  Along with the BTU School, Dimock is strongly committed to developing and creating mechanisms that encourage parent involvement and community support that is culturally sensitive and appropriate giving the needs of the entire school community.

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