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2014 Annual Appeal Letter

This letter is mailed out to friends and family of the BTU School as part of our Annual Appeal for Donations. Dear Friends of the BTU School, I am a parent at the Boston Teachers Union School. Just like you, I want my child and every other scholar here at the BTU School to get … Continue reading

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Good Gift Ideas for a Good Cause

Want a holiday gift idea that you and its recipient can’t help but feel good about? For the fourth year now, we are supplementing our fundraising efforts through a gift drive done in partnership with Equal Exchange. Equal Exchange is worker-owned co-op based in West Bridgewater, MA that aims to trade food products and other … Continue reading

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12/6/12 BTU Family Council Meeting Notes

Meeting Norms Guest Speakers Jeffrey Timberlake (K-8 ESL, BTU) & Berta Berriz spoke about BTU staff/faculty meeting norms Family council had a discussion about which norms to adopt. FC Meeting Norm Suggestions: Parking Lot: Post paper on wall to write down ideas that we don’t have time to discuss at the meeting. (Park them for … Continue reading

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2/6/13 BTU Family Council meeting

Topics covered at this meeting include: Itemized report on FC money spent; Upper school update; Diversity night; Family Council outreach; Afterschool enrichment;Girl Scouts and review of FC meeting norms Diversity night We discussed having an event in March to bring together upper and lower school families. Evening/after school? Tables of different cultures—craft, costume, etc. Passport … Continue reading

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10/17/12 Family Council Meeting Minutes

10/17/12 Family Council Meeting Parents attending: Carrie Dyball, Irena Fayngold, Maggie Barrios, Andres Herrera, Suzanne Bailey-Herrera, Beth Grannon, Rebecca Rosenblum, Rachel Zalocha, Tara Forgit, Jay Duda, Justeen Hyde, Susan (K1 parent), Carolyn Shannon, Sue Griffin, Audrey White, Karley Ausiello, Jol, Erica Lewy, Chris Donovan, Mary Lewis-Pierce, Beth (k2 parent), Rich Garguila, Annie Spitz, Sonia Caus-Gleason, … Continue reading

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New to the BTU: Girls Scouts on Wednesdays

Last Wednesday marked the first meeting of BTU Girls Scouts. We had nine girls at our first meeting. All K1 – 6th grade girls are welcome. Older girls are encouraged to join as mentors. BTU Girls Scouts will meet from 3-4:30pm in the Art room each Wednesday. Contact Maria Chavez (3rd grade parent) at … Continue reading

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Free Afterschool Mini-Sessions in December

Anne Mondesir, BTUs new social worker, will be the guest speaker at our next Family Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6th. Also on the agenda: Girls Scouts, free after school mini-sessions in December, fundraising updates and more.

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First Family Council Meeting 10/11/11

All family members are welcome to participate at Family Council meetings. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11th, from 5:45pm to 7:30pm in the Art Room. If you can’t attend, there are many other ways to be involved. Please read on to learn how.

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Every Which Way by Jerry Pisani

Spring is a an especially busy time of year in K-2. We are farmers, gardeners, writers, illustrators, architects, actors, singers, environmentalists…….. the list goes on. We will be hatching chicks and studying the butterfly life cycle as part of our science work. Additionally and through a partnership with E Inc. and a STARS Grant from … Continue reading

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Family Council Election Results, 2011/12 School Year

At our last meeting, the family council held elections for leadership positions for the next school year. We are delighted to announce the results: Co-chairs Suzanne Bailey-Herrera Meisha Hendricks (to be confirmed by election in September) Jen Lewis-Pierce Treasurer Andres Herrera Matt McGlinn Secretary Irena Fayngold Mary Lewis-Pierce Thanks to everyone for your willingness to … Continue reading

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