Apprentice Learning

Learning by Doing: Career Exploration

Apprentice Learning is an educational program for middle-school students that offers exposure to the culture of work through short apprenticeships. Students work alongside adults and gain practical skills and insights needed to be successful in the workplace and in life.

This fall, twelve 8th graders are preparing for apprenticeships at WGBH, Horizons for Homeless Children, Ferris Wheels Bike Shop, Northstar Asset Management, Community Servings, and Mike’s Fitness JP. and Our  goal is to inspire middle school students in urban public schools in Boston to reach into the future by engaging in the wider community for near-term preparation essential to success.  We welcome any suggestions for site placements!  Please contact Helen Russell  ( or Chris Moncrief ( to discuss your ideas.


Helen Russell  |  Executive Director
Apprentice Learning

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