Mission, Values and History

Mission Statement

The Boston Teachers Union School seeks to educate students to high standards and help them reach their educational potential and become capable, caring, engaged citizens. We aim to provide all students with a rigorous and wide-ranging liberal arts education in an inclusive, democratic, nurturing and safe environment that welcomes families and capitalizes on the expertise of excellent teachers.

Core Values

  • A rigorous liberal arts education resulting in a high level of scholarly achievement
  • A rich learning experience for children
  • Embrace and celebrate human differences
  • Shared leadership, collaborative relationships with faculty, families and students
  • Honor teacher knowledge, expertise and professional growth
  • Caring school community
  • School norms: responsibility, rigor, respect
  • Compliments, assemblies and social skills education


In 2005, the Boston Teachers Union and the Boston School Committee negotiated an agreement under which the Boston Teachers Union would open a new, teacher-run school to showcase their commitment to educating Boston’s children.  Both the union and the Boston Public Schools are excited about this unprecedented partnership, and worked hard to make it a reality.  A committee of educators and union officers met regularly during the 2008-09 school year to plan and design the school.  The first teachers were hired in February, 2009, a partnership with Simmons College was formalized later that spring, and the Boston Teachers Union School opened its doors in September 2009, with 150 students in grades K1-2 and grade 6.

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