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The New England Conservatory Jazz Trio performed for scholars in grades 3 and 6 on May 3rd.  The trio consisted of a drum set, upright acoustic bass, and a piano.  The musicians talked about emotions in feeling their music with scholars.  One of the pieces they played was from the 1300’s which they used to show expression of sadness in music when highlighting each player.  It was amazing to have scholars respond to questions about instrumental music understanding what the instruments were saying.  The last piece they played was interactive. Scholars clapped a rhythm when cued by the drummer.

Grade 7 will have a field trip to the House of Blues on Tuesday May 28.  They will listen to a presentation about the history of Jazz, Blues, and Rock & Roll music.
Grade 4 and grade 3 will attend BPS Arts at the Boston Commons on June 6.  This is a free outdoor event downtown.
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