7th Grade Math

Seventh Graders have been finishing their Pre-Algebra units this winter getting prepared to move into some real Algebra work!

Working through Ratios and Proportions, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Probability, seventh graders are now prepped for Algebra for the rest of the school year — Linear Equations, Symbolic Method (Solving for X), Problem-Solving, and Graphing Equations.

Sample problems include:


a)  Fill in the missing values, find the slope and y-intercept, then write an equation:











Slope: _________                        y-intercept: __________

Equation: _________________________________


b)  Find the value of x:

x/10      – 3 = 8

c)  Sabryn counted a total of 75 ducks swimming in Jamaica Pond. The ratio of female ducks to male ducks that Sabryn counted was 3 to 2. What was the total number of male ducks swimming in the pond?

d)  Below are Bernisha’s scores on her science quizzes.  What score does she need on her last quiz for her final mean to be 90? _______

82, 98, 88,   ? 

e) There are 3 red, 2 blue, and 5 green marbles in a bag. Jerion randomly chooses a marble and puts it back in the bag. If he repeats this process 50 times, how many times should Jerion expect to draw a red marble?  Why?

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