Digital Visual Culture Project

The Boston Teachers Union School worked in collaboration with Tufts University in affiliation with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts to create an amazing collection of artworks linking literacy, technology and the arts. As part of this arts integration project, our 3rd grade scholars worked on very inspiring personal narratives with Mr. Timberlake. From those personal narrative works, our young artists followed a carefully crafted process, guided by Patty, Mr. Timberlake, Ms. Pearl, Ms. Elana, Ms. Allen and Mrs. Davila, to create a collection of paintings and computer generated stop motion animation movie clips. WOW! This is only the beginning. After completing our first collection of personal narratives, paintings and animations, we had a fabulous publishing party and art show. The party took place on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at the Boston Teachers Union School. Many parents celebrated their scholars’ work and were gracious to pose for pictures. Enjoy the slideshow below.

Thank you Patty, Pearl and Elana, for making this possible for our Union School scholars. Big thanks to Ms. Melissa Allen for her amazing support in all art room endeavors. Enjoy the slideshow!


DVC Project Animations from mrsdavila on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Digital Visual Culture Project

  1. Jeff Timberlake says:

    What a wonderful interdisciplinary unit! I so enjoyed experiencing first hand how the visual arts positively impacted my third grade scholars writing craft. Thank you all. Thank you students.
    Mr. Timberlake

  2. Maria & Arianna Chavez says:

    Kudos to the 3rd grade class, I was amazed to see the work the schalors did. I also feel the visual arts positively impacted my third grade scholars writing craft. I know Arianna was exteremly extcited to talk about her project and how much shee enjoyed it. But she did not tell me how they mad the objects move by them selfs (she said it was a secret)

  3. Riana says:

    It is a pleasure to watch all of these!

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