What’s Happening in Room 13?

What’s Happening in Room 13?
(Grade 6 English/Language Arts & Social Studies w/ Mrs. De Palm)

Grade Six has just completed part 1 of their English/Language Arts portfolio. The newest members of the BTU Pilot Upper School compiled journal responses, essays and poetry and presented this work during Parent/Teacher Conference. Currently, Grade Six is learning about the history of the world’s first Black republic, Haiti. We’ve watched portions of the PBS documentary Black in Latin America: The Dominican Republic and Haiti. We’ve read about the history of Haiti. We’ve tried to get a better understanding of why this country is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. In the weeks to come we will read poetry and narratives from the people of Haiti. We will begin the process of writing our research papers for our second installment of our English/Language Arts portfolio.
In Social Studies we’ve begun our study of Ancient Egypt. Our focus will be on identifying the characteristics of a civilization within Ancient Egypt. We will also take a look at the current events of modern-day Egypt.


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