First Family Council Meeting 10/11/11

All family members are welcome to participate at Family Council meetings. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11th, from 5:45pm to 7:30pm in the Art Room. If you can’t attend, there are many other ways to be involved. Please read on to learn how.

The Y provides on-site childcare for scholars and siblings! Pizza is provided for children and adults!

The major work of the Family Council is to build community and support the progress of the school. Together, we can accomplish tangible and lasting benefits for the school! All families are encouraged to get involved. Sub-committees in the Family Council could use your energy and talent, whatever they are. Follow your own interests or skills, make new friends and help our school evolve.

Questions for Parents and Guardians for our first Family Council Meeting of 2011:

  • What are the roles the Family Council should have at the BTU?
  • Who would you like to invite to speak at Family Council?
  • What should the Family Council be fundraising for?
  • What is something you wish the BTU had that it doesn’t currently have?
  • Add your own question….

Send your response to If you are not yet a member of our community listserv, you can join at BTUFamilies at Yahoo Groups

Meeting Agenda 10/11/11

5:45     Pizza and Slide Show from 2010-11 school year

6:00 Welcome and Introduction Activity

6:30 Guest Speaker Erik Berg
Erik is the chair of the BTU School Governing Board and one of the original visionaries behind the founding of the BTU School. He will share with us the history of the BTU School and describe it’s current governing structure as well as what makes it so unique.

6:45 How can I get involved?
Learn about the various committees at the BTU school and ways you can get involved. Sign up for specific tasks you want to volunteer for. Share your vision and priorities for the school. Many hands make light work!

7:15 Elections* for Co-Chair and wrap-up

Subcommittees List

To Join a subcommittee, ask questions, suggest additional goals or volunteer for a task, just contact the parents and guardians listed below.

Please send emails to (Individual email addresses for subcommittee leaders will be added soon.)

To join our community listserv please go to BTUFamilies at Yahoo Groups

Outdoor Classroom

Design and implement outdoor classroom using funds awarded in 2011.

  1. Help plan outdoor classroom
  2. Help build

CONTACT: Justeen Hyde, 617-524-7322  or Eric Gordon 617-524-7322


Find, coordinate and write small scale grants

  1. Help coordinate grant writing schedule for the year
  2. Interface with school leadership to identify grant opportunities
  3. Volunteer to write grants (we need several writers)

CONTACT: Maggie Barrios Ponce, 617-524-5906



Develop fundraising plan and coordinate fundraising efforts throughout the year.

  1. Distribute items for the Equal Exchange fundraiser (Nov).
  2. Coordinate Kids Kreation fundraiser (winter/spring).
  3. Execute raffles at family events (gather prizes, make signs, sell tickets, announce winners)
  4. Obtain items for raffle and auctions (reach outside school community for donations/sponsors)
  5. Boxtops coordinator (flyer creation/collect and send in boxtops)
  6. Family Council annual appeal (flyer/writing/distribution/collection/receipts)
  7. Wake up the Earth booth (theme/activity/flyer/execution)
  8. Annual fundraising event/gala (plan/execute/invite/auction/guest list/sponsors/etc)

CONTACT: Maggie Barrios Ponce, 617-524-5906


Website & Communication

Write content and maintain family council portion of school website. Coordinate with administration on weekly newsletter.

  1. Become a BTU Family Council Webmaster
  2. Write content for Family Council portion of the website

CONTACT: Paul Schimek, 617-417-0478  or Akira Kamiya, 617-833-7381

Health & Safety

Work with school to establish safety protocols. Investigate options for safe outdoor play equipment.

  1. Help with De-leading Auditorium
  2. Work on replacing slide
  3. Padding playground

CONTACT:  Mary Lewis-Pierce, 857-891-3271 or Susan Arase  617-983-9794

After School

Coordinate enrichment offerings with Y afterschool director.

  1. Find free and low cost enrichment classes
  2. Meet with afterschool director as part of advisory board
  3. Help coordinate annual fundraiser

CONTACT: Rachel Zalocha 857-383-0119  or Irena Fayngold, 617-803-6571


Develop our library resources. Organize annual book drive.

  1. Help flyer for annual Book Drive
  2. Donate books to annual Book Drive

CONTACT: Rachel Keegan 917-750-8161


Please join the conversation. If you’re not yet a member of our community listserv, it’s easy to join. Just go to BTUFamilies at Yahoo Groups and click “Join this group” on the upper right.

The Family Council is still very new at the BTU. There’s so much to do this year; we hope to hear from you.

*We will hold re-elections for Co-chairs at this meeting. Two co-chairs elected last Spring have withdrawn due to new responsibilities.

This post is by Irena Fayngold. ( Mom to Tai, K2)  It’s a late night attempt to keep our website updated before the first family council meeting. I apologize for typos or omissions.
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