Every Which Way by Jerry Pisani

Spring is a an especially busy time of year in K-2. We are farmers, gardeners, writers, illustrators, architects, actors, singers, environmentalists…….. the list goes on. We will be hatching chicks and studying the butterfly life cycle as part of our science work. Additionally and through a partnership with E Inc. and a STARS Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, we have worked through our unit on Product Life Cycles and Trash and will be announcing our final project with the seventh graders at an upcoming school gathering. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting BTU School opportunity. Miss C will be returning to our classroom to continue our work on understanding animal habitats and will take us on more walks through the forest. Writing in K-2 has really taken off. At the time of this writing we are working on gathering our stories to choose one to publish before the end of the year. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to make our stories have lots of personal details. Perhaps the most exciting project will be the unveiling of our Box City which is in its early planning stages at the time of this writing. Families have been collecting and sending in boxes so that we can use them to build one of the best cities ever. It’ll be a lot of work because we have to work like a team and start from the ground up. We are working to make sure that our city has everything a real city does. We’ll invite everyone to come see it when it’s done!

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