Science & Writing in First Grade

After learning a lot about the Sun, the Moon and the Planets from non-fiction books, experiments, and projects, the first graders began listening to and reading fiction books about space. One book in particular inspired them. The book, Poor Pluto!, written by a class of third graders. It chronicles the story of students who felt bad when Pluto was no longer considered a planet. Therefore, they decided to bring Pluto to their school and play with it. Immediately, the first graders were fascinated by the story and their own amazing ideas started flowing.

We used the momentum to create a fiction writing unit about space. The students developed fiction stories about space, and made them interesting by incorporating dialogue, sound, description, questions and talking bubbles. The finished product was a complete, unique piece of fiction writing, illustrated by the scholars. We were joined by the students’ families, school faculty, as well as upper school students to celebrate the first graders achievements with a Publishing Party. CONGRATULATIONS FIRST GRADE AUTHORS! 


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