Third Grade Scholars Explore Sound, Gearing up for ELA MCAS test

Third grade scholars have been exploring the properties of sound. During curriculum night scholars played their recorders with the guidance of our Music teacher, Mr. Mac. In addition, scholars introduced their families to “sound centers” where they were asked to discuss the properties of sound as well as observe the vibrations of sound using such instruments as a tuning fork and a long gong.  

In addition, we have been paying special attention to the creation of our science notebooks. Scholars have been writing in these notebooks twice a week and working collaboratively to solve various “sound challenges.” Science notebooks are a vehicle for inquiry as well as understanding. Scholars are learning the importance of using transitional words in their writing as well as the diagramming and labeling to convey meaning. 

As part of our unit on sound, scholars will travel to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We thank our music teacher, Mr. Mac, for organizing this field experience! 

The English Language Arts MCAS test will be administered to scholars towards the end of March. This is a very important test and a challenging one. There is no time limit on this exam, and scholars will be given as much time as they need. Also, they will be given various “exercise” and “stretch” breaks. Third grade scholars are currently using the strategies of “reread and think” as well as the “note taking” strategy. Even as adults, we sometimes do not understand the text we are reading. It is important to reread and think about what is going on. When your child is reading at home ask them to stop at the end of a paragraph or the end of a page. Ask them to retell the part of the passage in their own words. If they are struggling with comprehension, they should reread the passage and think about what is happening. In addition, to reread and think, we are also learning the importance of note taking in the margin of MCAS practice test. Note taking allows the scholar to find relevant information in the text when it comes to the multiple choice questions and the open response question. Over February vacation, scholars will be given practice English Language Arts MCAS tests and be asked to use the strategies we have been learning in room 007. 

Our second round of Personal Narrative writing is coming to a close. We will be having a publishing celebration in March. Invitations to families will be going home shortly. Scholars have been writing with sensory details and fine tuning their peer conferencing skills. 

Think Math! Curriculum we use in the classroom. Enjoy your vacation with your child. Find the time to read together!  

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