Triangles and Rectangles

The K1 scholars have been learning about Geometry. We have been focusing on triangles and rectangles. We have played several fun games to help the scholars understand the attributes of triangles and rectangles. The first game we learned was called, “Is It or Is It Not a Triangle?” For this game, I would draw a shape on the whiteboard and then call on a scholar to tell me if it was or wasn’t a triangle. The scholar would also tell me how they knew. The second game we played was called, “Guess My Rule.” In this game, I decide on a rule but I do not tell it to the scholars. Instead, I put shapes into a “yes” and a “no” pile. Here is an example: As I hold up a rectangle, I say, “Yes, this shape fits my rule,” and place it in the “yes” pile. Next, I hold up a circle and say, “No, this shape does not fit my rule,” and place it in the “no” pile. After I have several shapes in both piles, scholars take turns putting a shape in the correct pile. We end the game by a scholar guessing my rule. My rule for this game was – has four sides. 

We also learned a great song about triangle called, “Three Straight Sides.” The song helps reinforce that a triangle has three straight sides and three corners. It is sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice.” While we sing it, the scholars make triangles on the rug with their finger. Here are the lyrics so you can sing it with your scholar: 

Three straight sides, three straight sides,
See how they meet, see how they meet,
They follow the path that a triangle makes.
Three straight sides and there’s no mistake.
Three sides and three corners, that’s all it takes.
Three straight sides. 

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