Partnership to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

K-2 will be embarking on our first cooperative learning experience beginning in February. Thanks to the help of our friends Dr. Ricky Stern and Chamberlain Segrest (Ms. C) from E-Inc., we received a grant and will be part of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s STARS Residencies (Students and Teachers Working with Artists, Scientists, and Scholars) this winter. Through the project we titled “The Life of Disposable Products,” we will team up with 7th graders in Mr. Walter’s Science classes for seven lessons lead by Ms. C. 
Over the course of the residency our objective is to help scholars see the ways we use and dispose of items. We hope to increase the scholar’s awareness of the value an object has, and how difficult it is to dispose of it. We will begin by collecting data about what we are throwing away and classifying it as compost recycling or trash. Our 7th grade buddies will help us sort, label and display some of the data. 

We will discuss landfills in an interactive lesson that will result in us building and dissecting our own landfill. We will move on to tracking an item (a single pencil) by seeing how long we can keep it and make sure that it lives a useful life. Through books and video we will also explore the production of items and some recycling centers. In one series of lessons we will melt down crayon scraps into new crayons to show how we can get the most out of something before simply throwing it away. 

Our residency will end with an exhibit created by scholars in both grade levels. Stay tuned for more information about this event. 

Ms. C. worked with our class in the Fall through a Get Out and Learn (GOAL) grant put together as part of her work at E Inc. She will return in the Spring to K-2 complete our
work in the forest. Visit the E Inc. website at

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