5 Ways Your Annual Donation Helps Our School

The Boston Teachers Union School is a teacher-led school that believes our collaborative leadership helps us ensure every scholar has an opportunity to reach his or her true potential.

But building and sustaining an environment that promotes authentic, experiential learning and inspires a life-long love of learning requires careful management of both public and private dollars. And our Annual Appeal for Donations is a critical piece in helping us to provide the learning environment we want for all of our scholars.

What Do Your Donations Help To Fund?

1) Curriculum enriching field trips, visiting artists and inspiring performances and their availability to all scholars.

2) Supplemental curriculum and classroom materials for our teachers and scholars.

3) Professional development opportunities to support continuous learning for our outstanding teachers.

4) The expansion of our library and online curriculum resources.

5) Celebrations of student success like the Honor Roll Lunch and community building events like our Spring Family Night.

Every little bit, when combined with the donations of other parents, friends and supporters of our school, helps improve the educational environment for our diverse group of scholars and ensures our teachers have the resources they need to support every scholar, every day.

To learn more about our Annual Appeal efforts, see our letter that will be mailed out in early December.

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Newsletter April 14th, 2014

Check out our learning this week!

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826 Boston Field Trip

Students visited 826 Boston, a non-profit tutoring and writing center at the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute.  Scholars worked with volunteers at 826 to plan, write a publish a book with two hours!  826 volunteers supported students in idea generation, character development, and storytelling to create the beginning and middle of a shared writing story.  Students were then supported through writing their own endings to the story.  The scholars enjoyed this trip and the creativity it fostered!

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Newsletter April 7th, 2014

The newsletter is now online!  Check it out for easy viewing and additional pictures of our learning!

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Field Trip to Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Students enjoyed attending the performance “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon” put on by TheatreWorks at the Berklee Performance Center.  The show consisted of musical renditions of several favorite children’s stories including Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, The Teacher from the Black Lagoon, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and Grumpy Bird.  Scholars loved watching the storybooks come to life onstage!

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Growing Into Equity

Hello BTU Family,

The good karma generated at the book party continues!  I’m delighted to share that NPR’s Here and Now aired a segment (with little notice) on their show today.  It focused on equity and professional learning, and featured a principal and teacher coach from Nancy Gerzon’s and my book.Here’s the link for your listening and commenting pleasure:

So great to have out a piece on professional learning, coaching, and collaborative leadership – the important work we’re advancing together each day!


Sonia Caus Gleason

Nancy Gerzon

Growing into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization and High-Achieving Schools


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Playworks 5k BTU School Fundraiser

On Saturday May 3rd a wonderful event will be taking place, the 5th annual Playworks run for recess. This is a great way to raise money for the BTU. This event is for children and adults. The options are a 1 mile fun run or a 5k run.  Each adult participant is asked to donate $25 to sign up. The best part is that the money goes straight to the school. Cash and checks are made out to BTU. Get your friends, family, and even strangers signed up! Coach Brandon has all the forms and information. Contact him if interested at <Bjackson@playworks.org>.

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Odyssey of the Mind 2014 Division I State Champions!

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, the first ever BTU Odyssey of the Mind team traveled to Marblehead High School to compete in the 2014 Massachusetts Odyssey of the Mind Tournament and took home FIRST PLACE for the Division I “Driver’s Test” Problem.

Odyssey of the Mind is an organization that presents children with the challenge of coming up with a creative solution to a “problem”, and the opportunity to present their team’s solution in a competition. Teams compete in both long-term and spontaneous problem-solving events. Our team, made up of third graders Tom Dyball and Avery Grannan, fourth grader Hannah Lieu, and fifth graders Tyler Tse, Ren Klein, Nicholas Rivera, and Lukas Walker, did an amazing job of collaborating on a pirate-themed skit that included a boat they built themselves, in their solution to the “Driver’s Test” problem. Requirements included designing, building and driving the vehicle, completing a set of commands, and using some form of GPS – without assistance from anyone outside their team. They got extra points for style, using recycled materials, an innovative interpretation, and good teamwork.

Ask an OM team member to give you a challenge! You might be asked to name two things that have something in common and what it is they have in common (extra points for creative answers!), or to build a structure out of pasta in 7 minutes (points for height and strength). Intrigued? Check out: http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/practice/default_cat.php?Id=2 or e-mail Amelia Henning at ameliahw@gmail.com for more info about OM at the BTU.

“A big shout-out to our OM Coach, Dan McLoone, who put in many patient hours with the team!”

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Upper School Dance

On Friday, February 28th upper school scholars enjoyed their February dance. It went off beautifully!  Our scholars had a great time.  Thanks to Deborah for all her work to make this possible. Her work was key to the whole event. The candy buffet was a real nice touch too with the nice bags with our mascot on them. Thank you for the candy bag stickers Marilyn!

Now we know that Marilyn, Lindsay, Johnny, Jenn, Joshua, Joy, Kim, Anne, Patricia, Deborah, Jerry and Christina know how to get down and show these young kids how dancing is really done!   Thanks to everyone for helping to pull this off. It is so great to just see the kids having fun!

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Ayiti Means Haiti Publishing Party

Congratulations to Mrs. DePalm and our 6th grade scholars for their publishing party. On March  7th, 6th grade scholars celebrated their research publications with many from our school community.  Congratulations!

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Junior Coach Leadership Convention at Northeastern University.

On February 19 our junior coaches attended the Junior Coach Leadership Convention at Northeastern University. The convention was an all day event  for all Junior Coaches in Boston.

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